Leveling Up Your Skincare Routine - Keep it Simple

Leveling Up Your Skincare Routine - Keep it Simple

Are you tired of using multiple products to care for your skin?  One for your face, one for your body, one for your feet, another for knees and elbows?  Me too – OMG – it is just too much! Why should we have to manage so many products?  Self-care should be so much simpler than managing a spreadsheet to track everything you need to put yourself together and feel confident about how you look and feel.

I already have dry skin, but during the winter months, it seems like it turns into the desert.  If you know where I am coming from give me a high five.  It is awful when it feels like you have snakeskin, and like literally nothing will relieve the itchiness or flaking.  I have discovered that one of the best ways to keep my skin supple and glowing is to create your own skincare routine – one you can actually keep up with.  I am one of those people who sometimes creates a detailed plan and on days one through five, I am good, but by day 14, it is all over and I have thrown caution to the wind and can no longer keep up.  That is why I think the best routine is one that is simple and easy. 

Recently SBB was talking to a prospective customer and the person shared that they don’t really waste a lot of time on their skin or think much about skincare products.  No judgement here, but I do want you to be into your skin, not just for skin deep reasons, but also for the longevity of your overall health and wellness.  Your skin is the first line of defense and you have to take care of it.

Since I am not the greatest with keeping up with multi-layered routines, I had to develop one that I can easily manage.  In my opinion, simple and easy is always better.  Everyone is busy juggling life, so I understand that sometimes you don’t feel up to it.  Don’t judge or measure yourself by what others do. You can create your own skincare routine that lines up with your needs and desires.  This is how I keep it simple:

  • Morning Routine:
    1. Moisturize right after a bath or shower;
    2. Keep the skin a bit damp as you moisturize from head to toe;
  • Night Routine:
    1. pour a little castor oil on cotton balls to wipe away make-up if you use cosmetics;
    2. Use a soft cloth to wash the face with water and wash hands;
    3. Moisturize face and hands with my favorite scent of SBB;
    4. Moisturize my lips with my favorite SBB lip balm flavor – I love Poundcake!

Remember, your skincare routine is all within your power.  Keep simple, make it work for you.


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